THEATRE WITH A TWIST Theatre with a Twist, Inc. is ABOUT family. It is about education and it is about the well being of self and others. We are a group that promotes education in many different facets. We teach from young-to-old, from old-to-young, and among peers. We learn from the process of theatre, to get along with others and be accepting individuals. We learn to play and have fun, and we learn to be respectful. Executive Director Mary Spinosa has been involved with many theatre groups for over 35 years. Her goals are simple in that she wishes everyone to be positively influenced by the joy and art of creative dramatics in all its form, from musicals to drama, to storytelling and improvisation, including singing and dancing as an example of other forms of expression.

Theatre with a twist is the best theatre experience I have had so far. It’s all one big family even if you don’t get a big role you still have the time of your life. It’s something you can always look forward to. I can’t wait to do more productions with them!

-Dylan (Age 10)


Education is key and without it, a director is simply  a manager. We believe that the staff should be involved in all aspects of the creative process and not simply “manage” from behind the scenes. Everyone involved in Theatre with a Twist puts their souls into the creative process and it shows. The acting is genuine, the dancing fun, and the drama a learning process.

About Us

We love theatre and people!

Since my son has been involved in Theatre With A Twist, his confidence soared. Mary lets each child know that he or she is important and vital to the play. He has loved every minute of the experience. As each production ends, he anxiously awaits the next one to start!


Theatre with a Twist has been created to encompass a variety of theatre modalities which include, but are not limited to, musical theatre, improvisation, drama and story telling.  This organization is developed for individuals of all ages and will have an educational component with each project.  Each project will also specify and be designed for a particular age group.

Our Mission

Mission Statement