The registration for Cats 2018 is now closed.  Performances are June 15, 16 & 17​​

Please see home page for tickets (under Cats banner).

Info on wigs, tails, scripts, unitards:
CATS royalty is now owned by a different company.  The rights are no longer aqcuired by Rogers and Hammerstein.  The fees have been adjusted to accomodate the varied rates and info for items within the show have also changed a bit to accomodate the needs of the show.

you can bring in the one you have used  in the past and use it ------ no fee
you can use a pre-made wig owned by the theatre--------------------- no fee. If you lose the wig or damage it you own the organization payment for                                                       replacement of a new one......... $45.00
you can buy a wig - pre-made from the theatre------------------------- $30.00
you can make a new wig - TO YOUR ROLE  - payment must be made upfront---————————----- $45.00
you can make a new wig - TO YOUR ROLE  - no fee - owned by the theatre 

you can make a tail - paymen​t must be made up front -----------$40.00
you can use and own a tail from the theatre ———————---------$30.00  If you lose the tail or damage it you owe the organization payment  for                                                           replacement of a new one ——-$40.00
​you can make a new tail and not own it ----- perperty of Twist.  If lost, you must pay for the replacement.​

you can use a costume that is at the theatre if we have one for your character....... no charge .... if you lose or damage that costume you will need                                                to pay a repacement fee........  $85.00 
you can buy the used costume - $65.00
we need to purchase new costumes and gussy them up this year ( not for all cats) - if you want to buy a new costume from the theatre - decorated                                            and complete for your character --- $85.00

Damaged costumes will incur a fee of $85 replacement.
​You can use a new costume, if we make them but they will be owned by the theatre - if damaged or lost you pay for a replacement of a new one.
Each accessory will be categorized , numbered and logged into twist for accurate inventory.