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Special Events / Bookings / Rentals


We have a wide variety of costumes and set pieces available for rent.

  • Children
  • Teens
  • Adults
  • Period pieces and show themes available

Set Rental
  • Show themes
  • A la carte
* Sound and lighting equipment not available at this time

Contact Mary at for pricing and reservations

West Acton Holiday Stroll and Singalong

Please join us for a stroll and a few songs on December 13th.  Just show up in warm clothes and bring along some holiday spririt.  Music will be provided.  Theatre with a Twist will be singing from 6pm-7pm with some other musical guests joining along afterwards.

Gather in front of the Middlesex Savings Bank on Massachusetts Avenue.
Put in association with the West Acton Merchant Business Association

Haunted House

Open Mic Nights at Theatre with a Twist!

Dates and times TBA
Announcements on dates and time will be made soon.   $5.00 cover.  This is a BYOB event. Appropriate for individuals 10 and older.

Variety Show/Backwards Broadway

Auditions on April 6th, 5pm - 7pm for a performance date on May 3rd. Occurring annually. This is a time to show your talent: Auditions occur to streamline the venue. Come prepared to show off your talents. It does not matter if you play the guitar, piano or nose flute, do a stand-up comedy routine, dance or sing a song, juggle, do a skit, perform alone or in a group. Just a time to have fun. Open to everyone age 5 – infinity! You must supply your own CD and/or CD player, musician, music, whatever you need to perform. Come prepared to show us. You are expected to set up, perform and strike within 3-8 minutes. Entries will be limited. We will notify you by email if you have been selected to participate in the show.
  • $25 - Individual performers
  • $50 -  2 - 5 performers
  • $100 - 5 or more performers
  • $100 - Bands (needing hookups)

Senior Strutters with a Twist
This special theatre group is designed for seniors only. Anyone age 65 and up is encouraged to perform. We will be doing one show per year. Information and details will be publicized soon.

Upcoming Shows When Where Audition

Variety Show: Backward's Broadway

May 3rd, 2014 Auditions: TWT Studio - 278 Great Road
Performance: TWT Studio - 278 Great Road
4/6 5 - 7pm
Senior Strutters with a Twist  May 20th, 2013 - 2PM
Life Care of Acton
Senior Strutters... We're Back! April  18, 2013 Assabet Valley High School, Marlboro, MA
Senior Recognition Seminar sponsored by Jamie Eldridge, Senator
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