Auditions and weekly rehearsals will be held at our Blackbox theatre in Acton. If you are interested in, or know someone that is interested in participating, please complete the registration form and tuition payment online.  If you need financial assistance to cover the expense of registration, please reach out to Daphne Thompson at

Further questions may be sent directly to Mary at Rehearsals will begin the first week in November. We look forward to working with you!

Theatre with a Twist, Inc and the Northeast Arc Adult Autism Support Center, a not-for-profit organization that helps adults with Autism become full participants in the community, are participating to bring theatre to neurodiverse adults in a unique theatrical experience.

Mary Spinosa, Executive Director of the theatre, is a drama therapist, educator, case manager and experienced psychiatric nurse. She will be working with Andrea Green, music therapist and playwright of Philadelphia, to develop a unique therapeutic program and fun experience for neurodiverse young adults ages 18 - 35.

If you, or someone you know, is a neurodiverse young adult that would love the opportunity to participate in a theatre experience to help gain confidence, build social skills, and just have some fun, please access our website at for further information. The show is called, The Same Sky, and we are so lucky to have Andrea Green come to the theatre the week of the performance to conduct her own individual workshop for participants, along with our regularly scheduled rehearsals and performances of the group in early February.


Mary Spinosa, BSN, MEd, RDT, CCM, IQCI
Communication & Creative Arts Specialist

Executive Director, Theatre With A Twist, Inc.