Classes held at 278 Great Road, Acton, MA 01720
Fees: Contact: 
Classes are differently priced. Email with an interest. Minimum class size of 5.

Teaches social skills and team building  through theatre and music. You do not have to have a learning style

difference to participate in these classes.  They are encouraged for all. We specialize in working with individuals

with HFA (high functioning autism), Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD, ADD, Non-Verbal Learning and other

learning style differences. 

Drama therapy
Social skills and team building
Social thinking groups
Experience theatre arts games & techniques
Learn how to read your audience and others
Learn about body language
Identify emotions by observing others

Enjoy group building exercises
Learn the hidden curriculum
Develop your understanding of social pragmatics
Experience theatre & music as a means to express yourself
Build your self esteem as you explore the art of theatre
And so much more ...

Feel good about yourself as you explore the art of theatre!
Social Skills for Youth:
Registration is rolling admission. 
available classes

Target audience: ANYONE!
Grades: entering grades 2-6
Min: 5 max 10

Children know how to socialize, communicate and associate with others without even thinking. Right? Not everyone!! This class is geared to teach social skills that we take for granted. Table manners, eye contact, personal space, talk time, taking turns, attending to your own agenda and so much more. We will learn this through play and dramatic games to teach skills that are common to many but not to all. This class is perfect for children of many learning style differences. Sharpen those skills to get ready for new experiences while having fun along the way. The last class we will have a field trip for ice cream to practice the skills we have learned from the class.

Let Me Tell You Who I AM!
Target audience: Individuals with HFA (High functioning autism, Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD, ADD, Non-Verbal Learning and other learning style differences.
Grades 3,4 & 5. Minimum class size of 5.

This class is just the thing to practice social skills, learn together and have fun with theatre.
We will create with each child various forms of self-expression that will allow each the means to share with others the way they experience their environment. 
They will be able to express by the use of:

art work
and more

We will have a sharing class on the final day of the program open to families of participants.
Teens: Transitional Planning TEEN AND YOUNG ADULTS

Transitional Planning Specific Class:
Target Audience: teens and young adults
Age: age 16-25; Minimum class size of 5.

Registration requirements:
Classes require an intake interview prior to class participation.  $35.00.  Once a group has been organized the class will begin.
Small Groups: Classes are 90 min. long & are organized in like groups of 10-15 members. Placement criteria are based on age, grade, weaknesses, strengths & interests. Sessions focus on building l communication skills using theatre arts as a means of expression. I will travel to you to facilitate this class! Call for more details.
Drama & social skills building, theatre arts games & techniques

Learn how to read your audience & others by learning about body language (self/others), facial expression, eye contact

Identify emotions by observing others through Group building exercises while improving self esteem

Learn to stay on topic , take turns in conversation, speak clearly & concisely through theatrical expression Utilize the 5 point scale to assess rate, tone, volume & articulation in communication 

Learn skills for success; explore the hidden curriculum through dramatic exploration: interviewing for jobs or college, hygiene, dating, transportation, scheduling management, down time and more!

Identify/explore & accept others perspectives (Theory of Mind) via theatre

Work with sensory integration & needs based on abilities

Experience theatre,& music as means to express yourself and learn about others

Feel good about yourself as you explore the art of theatre

Performances are within the session and not for public observation

Prepare for the work interview or college interview
Adult Classes

Adults: Improv 101 : ages 17 - adults of all ages Minimum class size of 5.
This is an ongoing class with schedule based on individual's availability.  
$15.00 per person per week.

Target audience: Individuals with HFA, (high functioning autism), Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD, ADD, Non-Verbal Learning, and other learning style differences.
Age: Young adults ages 17 - 26

Registration Requirements:
There is a $35 one time interview charge. We want to make sure this is the right group for you and I would like to get to know you a bit before you join.

This theatre class is just the thing to practice social skills and be in an environment where young adults can get together and practice scenarios they live with either in school at high school as they transition to college, college and work situations. We do improvisational acting and theatre games; deal with issues around employment, teachers, peers and improvise real life situations with each other. The goals here are to help each other role play scenarios that can be used back in the real world. It has proved to be a great class for all. We would invite others to join.

We would love you to be there every week but understand that sometimes you cannot.
Social Group 

Seniors.... exercise your mind & body. Let's communicate! Mix some theatre, a bit of music and presto!

Get away from your apartments, homes, condos and communicate face to face and have fun while doing it. 

Do you play an instrument? Let's hear it. Perhaps you sing. Then sing with us! 

Work with sensory integration & needs based on abilities

Have fun revisiting theatre as you remember it and become active by singing, moving and exploring your inner self. 

No performance experience needed. Just join in the fun and learn while you're here! 
If there are 5 or more individuals interested in a class to encourage social association with others, have contact with peers of like interests and would just like to have some fun with others through theatre and music, contact Mary to set up a time and a class.  These classes are individually tailored for your group.

Call: Mary Spinosa, RN. BSN, Drama Therapist for more information @978-302-0985 or email @
Please memo your email team theatre. Minimum class size of 5.

"You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown" 2012

Neurodiverse Group
Our Neurodiverse performers can be included in any number of our productions.  For more information, please contact Mary at

For more information on the adult Neurodiverse program, please click HERE

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